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Hello there!

I'm Lili and I am a wedding, newborn, and lifestyle photographer based in Newnan, GA. I do travel anywhere in Georgia and also don't mind to hop on a plane to do weddings in other states or even a road trip to Alabama. So far, I've shot out of Atlanta weddings in San Fransisco, Boston, Alabama, Savannah and Alaska, so keep me in mind if you are thinking to have your big day outside of Georgia because I'd do it in a heartbeat. 

I love my family and thankful that God made me a part of their lives. I have been married for 15 years to my husband and we have two beautiful & wild but ridiculously adorable children. They are my WHY! My reason. I am also inspired by people and their stories, laughter and love. I love beautiful spaces, nature, and simplicity. I love to chase sunsets and beautiful light. I strive to create stunning real photos that truly capture the emotion of a moment. I want to tell YOUR story and capture that special connection through spontaneous, fun and breathtaking images that will be cherished for years to come. I adore moody and bold images that came from beautiful light and emotions between people. 

What else about me? Well, I am obsessed with true crime or crime shows, dramatic reality shows and just following the news. I love cooking but can't bake to save my life, however I do make a mean banana bread. I am a plant mom, even though my husband put a ban on plant shopping, all I have to do just propagate more plants so I can have more of them. I currently have over 100 plants at home. So if you are a plant person too, or just starting out I'd be happy to talk about them.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Liliana Leahy

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