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Atlanta Birth Photography | Cruz Knox

When Amanda from Amanda Nicole Photography asked me to do her birth session, I was literally shrieking of excitement. Afterall she's one of the most amazing photographers in metro Atlanta area. I was absolutely honored to be able to document her birth and along the way we became good friends mostly talking about photography stuff, family, kids, even on how to make elderberry syrup. I remember when she called me at 3 AM in the morning and saying that she's at hospital. I ran to my bathroom so fast to get ready, grabbed my camera bag, get into the van and drive as fast as I can to the hospital. In my mind, I was hoping to make it in time before Cruz decided to make his grand entrance earthside.

I went inside the labor and delivery room, and I saw Amanda and Chris. She was in pain, but she knew that she wanted to have a natural birth, I started taking some pictures and and documenting her labor. I could see the support she had from her husband all of the staff from North Fulton Labor and Delivery. They are in it to win it, to help her follow her birth plan and comfort her as much as they can. After a few hours, baby Cruz finally came earthside and we are all amazed she pulled through her natural birth and Cruz is as perfect as he can be. Birth Photography is amazing, to be there in someone's private moments and be able to deliver images that they can hold onto for the rest of their life. It's seriously gratifying. Now, enjoy the birth slideshow I made!


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